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How Google AdWords Can Impact Your Business

Google AdWords is a useful marketing tool that can deliver exceptional results quickly and affordably. It is no secret that Google owns the world’s largest advertising platform, but it also facilitates more than 70% of all search queries globally. This level of engagement makes Google an attractive platform to market on, as businesses can tap into its vast search network to find and reach their target customers.

What Google AdWords Can Do For You

Google AdWords is different from all of the other marketing approaches. It does not look to invoke a viral phenomenon, nurture existing customer relationships, or take a long-term stance on driving website traffic; instead, it focuses on the now. Google AdWords is a one-of-a-kind tool that allows you to see the fruits of your labor in real-time while adhering to your budgetary constraints.

An effective Google AdWords campaign can dramatically impact your business, especially if you are a retailer or service provider. Here’s how.

Drive Traffic in the Short Term

Google AdWords gives businesses an opportunity to drive much-needed traffic in the short term. While it takes several months to appear on the front page of the search results with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), businesses can display their ads on the front page almost immediately by running a solid Google AdWords campaign. This gives businesses a lot of flexibility to drive extra traffic when needed, especially when business is slow.

Balance the Work Week

By increasing ad spending on slow days, businesses can manage a more balanced work week and enjoy more predictable cash flows. If traffic becomes overwhelming, advertisers can pause campaigns until they are ready to take on more business again. Businesses that consistently have slow days during the week (i.e. Wednesdays or Sundays) have the most to gain from effective AdWords campaigns.

Control Advertising Costs

Google AdWords allows advertisers to set daily budgets and control advertising costs. If a daily budget is met, the campaign is automatically paused so that the advertiser does not incur additional costs. The AdWords system works in real-time and is highly responsive; advertisers can pause campaigns at any time to make changes to ad copy, bids or settings.

The Drawbacks of Google AdWords

Although Google AdWords has the potential to have an immediate and positive impact on a business, advertisers cannot assume their campaigns will be effective. For you to realize the benefits of Google AdWords, you must offer a solid combination of ad copy, landing page quality, and ad bid; if any of these are not up to par, the campaign may not be as effective as originally thought.

Another thing to consider is the relevance of the page you are redirecting clickers to. If the page is irrelevant to the search query or the ad you are presenting, you will miss out on a potential sale and waste valuable marketing dollars. Each advertisement should direct clickers to a highly relevant page to increase the likelihood of conversion.

Finally, running an effective campaign takes time, which most small business owners do not have. Keyword and audience research takes up a lot of time and requires constant oversight for it to lead to exceptional results. AdWords campaigns are not meant to be left alone; they must be managed regularly and tweaked occasionally to remain effective.

The intricacies of managing a successful AdWords campaign fall beyond the scope of this blog post. Please consult a marketing expert to make sure you avoid some of these common pitfalls and take full advantage of everything Google AdWords has to offer.

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