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Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

A well-developed email marketing campaign can be on of your greatest marketing tools. However, the rate of customers choosing to unsubscribe has increased greatly. By implementing the following tips, you can expect to see the number of “opt-outs” to decrease.

Stop treating your customers like nameless faces

Many marketers fail to understand that customers do not want to be seen as a nameless face. They want to be acknowledged as the human beings that they are. This is very easy to accomplish as all you would need to do is indulge them with some personalization.

Instead of sending out the same emails to the masses, use the feedback you’re getting and segment your email list. In this way, you can make customers feel like you are reading their minds

Change your sales funnel based on the customer’s journey

The customer journey is becoming more important in the field of marketing. Mapping out a customer’s journey is about charting the various touch points you’ll come up against. The way customers react will tell you what content it is they are looking for. Combine this information with your demographic information to customize the sales funnel based on the type of customer you have.

Optimize and Re-Test

It’s incredibly important to always optimize and retest your various email marketing campaigns. A/B testing campaigns are incredibly easy to run from your mailing list provider. In this case, you would collect detailed stats and make changes to your future email campaigns accordingly. Effective testing will help make sure that your strategies stay strong as ever.

Give customers some space

Yes, customers want to hear from you, but it is also true that customers do not want to be harassed. When you have run a great email marketing campaign, it’s easy to get excited and want to run the same again hoping to reap the same results. However, many times you will end up getting diminishing returns. Customers do not want to be bombarded by emails. The best way to go about this is to define a schedule based on the feedback you receive from customers and stick to it.

Instead of Opting Out, Opt Down

53.5% of an average individual’s inbox is used by promotional emails. For this reason, there has been an incredible rise in people opting out of emails faster than ever before. An excellent way to get those numbers down for your campaign is to give your customers the option to opt down. You could add a form which allows customers to reduce how often they receive your emails.

Optimize for mobile

Statistics show that 51% of email is now opened on a mobile device; Therefore, all of your emails should be optimized for mobile devices. No matter what device your consumer is viewing your email on I should automatically adjust to fit their screen.

Your customers do want to stay in contact with you, but they want you to provide them with something of value. Using these email marketing campaign tips, you can increase your subscription rates and keep your customers subscribed for the long haul.

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