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Five Benefits of Custom Web Application Development

These days, web applications are everywhere. Chances are your business uses one as well. But are you really getting the most out of these ready-made apps? What if your needs are more specific?

With so many competing apps vying for your attention, it might be worthwhile to create your own. It’s not as hard or expensive as most businesses think, and it can give you the upper hand when it comes to boosting productivity and driving sales- especially if your business is growing.

What is a Custom Web Application?

A web application is a computer program that connects to a website in order to send and retrieve information from a database. Google Sheets, Slack and Airtable are all popular web applications used by businesses around the world to transfer data, communicate ideas and share resources.

If you’re already familiar with these, then you know that web applications have the potential to improve efficiency and save time. They also allow your team to connect and share information across a secure channel. Most web apps are free to use, with subscriptions available for businesses that need more space, faster transfer rates, increased security and more.

A custom web application takes this a step further. Similar to a custom website that doesn’t rely on a pre-made template, a custom web application is designed from the ground up specifically for you. It bypasses the SaaS nature of mainstream web apps and gives you everything in one package- no subscription required.

How can you benefit from a custom web app? Let’s take a look at five key benefits that will boost your business.

Five Key Benefits of Custom Web Application Development

  1. Built just for you

A bespoke web app developed exclusively to meet your needs is one of the biggest advantages your business can receive from custom web application development.

Think of all the features included in third party web apps. Have you ever subscribed to an app just to unlock one feature? Third party apps are designed to fit as many business models as possible, and hence offer a dizzying array of capabilities, but chances are you don’t need everything you’re paying for.

A custom web app delivers only the precise features your business needs to excel and removes the clutter. This, in turn, simplifies the web app, making it easier for your team to navigate, and ultimately increasing efficiently.

  1. Always accessible

Custom web apps eliminate the fear of not being able to access your data due to “scheduled maintenance” or unannounced server issues. Instead, you receive secure access to your data 24/7 from any device you need, whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC

  1. Endlessly customizable, easily scalable

Is your business just starting out? There’s no need for concern, custom web application development means that anything you need now or in the future can easily be added down the line. Custom applications are incredibly scalable and expandable to fit the growing needs of new businesses, whereas ready-made web applications can run up against a wall, particularly if they’re not designed for expansion.

  1. Low maintenance

With a custom web app installed on the host server, you never need to worry about whether your team has the latest version or not. Any upgrades are pushed directly to anyone using your software, removing the need for reminders or time-consuming troubleshooting. Plus, if anything happens to your web app, a dedicated team of developers is on hand to take care of any problems that may occur.

  1. Safe and secure

Finally, a custom web app ensures your data is secure since you get to determine how much protection you need. Web apps hold data in remote servers. Therefore, all you need is a device, internet connection, and your login credentials. Even if equipment is stolen or damaged, your data remains protected online. Compare that to ready-made apps, which may have less security, vulnerable, weak spots, or poor data management.

Get the Right Web Application for your Business

Custom web application development is a worthwhile investment, especially if your business relies on web apps already. By creating your own custom app from the ground up, you get to work one on one with developers and consultants that will help you curate the best utilities and features to suit your needs.

Contact us for more information on how custom web app development can help you.

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