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The Falls Home is a New York nursing home and assisted living facility that has been serving the needs of the elderly since 1973. After being around for nearly 50 years, it was time for a refresh in order to reach a wider audience- a wider audience means more awareness to those members of the community which are in need of an assisted living facility such as The Falls Home. Creating a site went hand in hand with this revitalization, and SNF Web Design was there to realize this objective.  


From a design standpoint, our team considered how a site for a facility such as this not only needs to be modernized, but must be organized in an intuitive way so that users won’t have trouble navigating through. Using our strong foundations of innovative responsive design and development techniques, SNF created a user-friendly web design for The Falls Home. Additionally, complex site-mapping tools enabled our developers to consider the best possible layout for not only the user’s experience, but also for the functionality of the site. 

To accomplish this, the client base was researched and considered for the content creation within each page. For example, those who visit are likely to have just started research or have already been researching for a while. So, each page emphasizes their commitment to providing this type of care, without being redundant. Whether they have just started or have been looking, the information is readily available, with prominent and accessible links to an application to ensure further navigational ease, thus increasing the likelihood of becoming a preferred option for patients and family members.

For SNF, development and design work in tandem to produce a forward-thinking and fully functional platform maintained through intentional and consistent content and operational monitoring and updates.

“We are a large, multi-location Long-Term Nursing facility, building websites for all of our different centers was not possible, and to avoid the confusion SNF Web Design suggested we make one large site that can feature all of our locations in one spot. The result was a beautiful site that allowed not only for us to showcase our locations, but also allows people to request a visit, or bed from our website with ease.”
— Martin Abbington


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For over a decade SNF Web Design has worked with renowned industry leaders developing tailored strategies that take their business to the next level. We are super proud of our work, and love to show it off. Explore some of our recent projects: