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Guiding Your Loved Ones Towards a Better Life

Have peace of mind when you entrust your loved ones to the care of Countryside Nursing and Rehab for recuperation. We offer rehabilitation therapies as well as nursing care and assistance in our facility. You can count on us to treat your beloved like family and to be there every step of their way towards complete healing. We serve anyone who needs our help in Dolton, Illinois and its surrounding areas.
Who We Are

Our company has become one of healthcare and rehabilitation facilities most trusted by the community. Through the years, we have developed programs and services that demonstrate a high level of care. Working closely with your doctors and hospitals, our multidisciplinary team of professionals will create an individualized plan of care for each resident and ensure its continuity.

Biometric Time Clause

The facility has adopted this policy to address how it will collect, use, store, disclose, and destroy biometric information. This policy is intended to promote compliance with state and federal laws, including the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, as may be amended from time to time (“Laws”).

As an employee, you are required to use hand and/or fingerprint scanned biometric equipment (“Equipment”) to obtain an encrypted mathematical representation of it (“Biometric Identifier”) in conjunction with the use of the Facility’s biometric time clock. The data may be stored and used for door entry/access, timekeeping, or similar purposes. The Facility has undertaken measures to safeguard all personal information connected to the Biometric Identifier is limited to lawful purposes, which primarily include controlling access to the Equipment to authorized personnel.

In addition, the Facility will not disclose your Biometric Identifier unless:

  1. The disclosure completes a financial transaction requested or is authorized by the employee
  2. The disclosure is required by state or federal law, or municipal ordinance
  3. The disclosure is required pursuant to a valid warrant or subpoena
  4. The employee otherwise consent to the disclosure.
“We are a large, multi-location Long-Term Nursing facility, building websites for all of our different centers was not possible, and to avoid the confusion SNF Web Design suggested we make one large site that can feature all of our locations in one spot. The result was a beautiful site that allowed not only for us to showcase our locations, but also allows people to request a visit, or bed from our website with ease.”
— Martin Abbington


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